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Whistle Blowers

  • Blowing-The-Whistle - Whistleblowers and those considering blowing the whistle will find guidance from actual whistle-blowers on this site. A father and son, both whistleblowers; one from industry and the other from government.

  • Blowing the Whistle on a Therapeutic Experiment - This case is based on a real incident of whistleblowing that occurred in the late 1970s and early '80s. For more details on the specific case, readers should refer to the reference list located at the end of the participant commentary.

  • Canadian Whistleblower Laws - Whistleblowing: Breaking the Silence of the Lambs. Whistleblowing provisions are designed to facilitate regulation and enforcement of laws by encouraging employees to report evidence essential for industry regulation and the prosecution of corporate wrongdoers.

  • Freedom to Care - The UK's first whistleblower support group (1991). Promoting the expression of social conscience in the workplace, public accountability, ethics at work and supporting whistleblowers and whistleblowing. Providing free information on professional ethics, bullying at work, corporate responsibility, social and ethical accounting and auditing - especially in health care, nursing, social work, police, financial services, government, education, science and environmental protection.

  • Howard To Jail Whistleblowers - Kevin Moylan, former Tasmanian psychiatric nurse whistleblower and his story. (Australia)

  • I See And Am Silent / I See And Speak Out - The Ethical Dilemma Of Whistleblowing. Reporting harms: two stories.

  • Is it safe to speak out? - It's a year since new legislation was passed to protect whistleblowers at work. Sally Weale asks if it's working. Sally Weale. Guardian. Monday July 3, 2000

  • Is Whistleblowing Working In The NHS? - The Evidence. May 2003. The public hear about whistleblowing in the NHS when it all goes wrong - either when a public inquiry reveals that staff concerns had been stifled or ignored or when the media report claims that a whistleblower has been victimised.

  • National Whistleblower Center - Advocates the right of employees to blow the whistle on major issues such as government waste, fraud and corruption, and violations of environmental and nuclear safety laws.

  • NHS whistle-blowers 'victimised' BBC NEWS (May 7th 2003) - Nurses, midwives, porters and cleaners were surveyed. One in three NHS workers who has voiced concerns about bad practice in the service has faced reprisals, figures reveal.

  • Nurses and their right to whistle blow - Editor's note: Donne Brownsey, JD, is AORN's legislative counsel in California. She presented the following at the 2000 AORN Multispecialty Conference, Oct 27, 2000, in Long Beach, Calif. Brownsey lobbied on behalf of the whistle-blower legislation recently enacted in California.

  • Personal Injury National Network of Attorneys - Our personal injury lawyers will accept no fee until money is recovered for you by claims settlement or trial.

  • Public Concern at Work - An independent authority which seeks to ensure that concerns about malpractice are properly raised and addressed in the workplace.

  • Remove the GAG! Free Speech for Nurses! - List of states with pending healthcare provider  WHISTLEBLOWER legislation. USA.

  • Research Corner, Scientific Integrity - The Cornerstone of Knowledge. Marion E. Broome. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. February 2003 - Volume 35, Number 1

  • Safecall - Company systems for whistleblowing in the workplace. Confidential reporting of bullying, harassment, discrimination and unfair treatment.

  • Tewksbury State Hospital: A Breakdown in Care (By Marjory Sherman, Staff Writer) - Former Tewksbury State Hospital night-shift nurse Thomas M. Fraser says it was a patient who first opened his eyes to the abuse he had become a part of. Article from Eagle-Tribune Publishing. (See ....here! For full story)

  • Three-Way Agreement Reached on Health Care Whistleblower Protection Bill - Nurses Credit Assembly for Leadership as House Passes Measure (New York State Assembly)

  • UK whistleblowers 2002 - Your membership makes it possible for FtC to continue to assist conscientious, public-spirited employees and professionals. You are the conscience of big organizations - please stay with us!

  • Useful links for Whistleblowers - Website which whistleblowers, free speech advocates, conspiracy theory researchers and others would find interesting. Website provides links to three most interesting on-line books.

  • What Color is Your Whistle? - Reporting incidents of wrongdoing in your workplace is always a risky business-but for minority nurses who blow the whistle, the stakes are even higher. by Michele Bitoun Blecher.

  • Whistle blowers - Brave people who are paying a high personal price for speaking out.

  • Whistleblowers 'must be protected' (BBC NEWS) - Speaking out can be a risk. Nurses who blow the whistle on poor standards of care run the risk of threats, intimidation and physical and mental health problems, it is claimed.

  • "Whistleblowers:" No Retaliation Against Nurse For Filing Formal  - The court did not allow the nurse managers the right to sue as whistleblowers.

  • Whistleblower Protection Act - United States Office of Personnel Management. New Developments in Employee and Labor Relations. March 2000.

  • Whistleblowing The Right Way - Unedited Version of the Article which ran in the  Toronto Star. Career Activist   Resources For Controlling Your Career

  • Whistleblowing: A difficult decision - What do you do when something happens that you know to be wrong, unethical or inappropriate? Editorial February 2002 by Jill Iliffe, ANF Federal Secretary.

  • Whistleblowing and Nonviolence - Whistleblowing and nonviolent action have a number of similarities and connections, yet seldom have they been discussed together. There are a number of lessons from nonviolence for whistleblowing and vice versa.

  • Whistleblowing As a Failure of Organizational Ethics - The move toward managed care and increased competition in health care exacerbates the conditions leading to instances of whistleblowing. We believe that cases of whistleblowing are indicative of an ethical failure at the organizational level. James J. Fletcher, PhD, Jeanne M. Sorrell, PhD, RN, Mary Cipriano Silva, PhD, RN, FAAN. © 1998 Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Article published Dec. 31, 1998

  • Whistleblowing Case Summaries - Notable decisions under the Public Interest Disclosure Act. from Public Concern at Work. The UK's whistleblowing law in practice

  • Whistleblowing in Health Care - This page touches briefly on whistleblowing and dissent in health care. It explores some ideas about the structures of society - why some fail. It examines the role of whistleblowing and dissent within this framework. It examines the context of whistle blowing. When do people speak out and when do they remain silent?

  • William De Maria's Whistleblowing Bibliography - International, 1995.

  • WorldWideWhistleblowers.com - Aims to promote a society in which it is possible to speak out about unethical business practices, corruption.

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