Workplace Bullying

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Workplace Bullying

  • Adult Bullying, A Problem of Relational Violence - Site graphically describes how workplace bullying is manifested and then goes on to demonstrate its relationship with the increase in violence at the workplace. Includes a checklist of suggestions to make bullying less likely.

  • Breaking Ranks - Rankism deals with the abuse of rank in organizations. Learn about rank abuse and join the dignitarian movement. Bulletin board facilities are also available on this site.

  • Bullyeq - This site explores bullying in a wide context. It explains that some bullies may be psychopathic and they impose bully cultures and encourage copycat bullying. Also "emotional intelligence" is a fascinating concept as it is an effective way to disolve bully cultures.

  • Bullies Down Under - Provides information and guidance to stop workplace bullying of adults, worker abuse, psychological and psychiatric injury with links to Tim Field's website.

  • Bully Online - The UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, insight into workplace bullying, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict, and other violence.

  • Bullying - Articles on the phenomenon from the Crazy Colour 'Office Survival' web site.

  • Bullying Throughout the Life Cycle - Understanding the types of bullying at different stages of life. Short and long term consequences. Article by Dr. Carol Watkins.

  • Campaign Against Workplace Bullying, U.S.A. & Canada - Research and advocacy on the issue.

  • Carrie Herbert Consultancy - Small company, specialising in the management of harassment and bullying in the workplace. Based in the UK.

  • Dealing With Bullying - Bullying in all its forms is basically an abuse of power, by someone who is stronger eg physically, mentally, socially, financially, towards someone who is less able to protect themselves. The target is unable to assertively block the bully's abusive behaviours.

  • kickbully.com - A practical guide to fighting back against workplace bullying.

  • Nurses are Bullied - A highly documented account of an actual bully in a UK NHS Trust. The complaint, cover-ups, whitewashes, management lies, deceit, disciplinary hearing, transcript of findings, more lies, the bully gets paid, the victims get nothing. This is a documentation site, everybody is named and shamed.

  • Overcome Workplace Bullying - A guide to using the employment tribunal service to overcome workplace bullying

  • The Work Doctor - Anti-Bullying Services for Workplace Health.

  • Unfair dismissal for blowing the whistle - A worker may take his employer to tribunal for any detriment (dismissal, redundancy, etc) after the worker makes a disclosure (ie blows the whistle). (UK)

  • Work Trauma - Information about workplace  bullying, abuse, mobbing and harassment.

  • Workplace Bullying - Brief tips with links to more information.

  • Workplace bullying and occupational violence - Workplace bullying and occupational violence can affect employees and organisations in a number of ways. The effects can range from actual psychological and physical injuries to reduction in employee productivity. (Workcover Victoria)

  • Workplace Bullying. A view from the inside - Tackling the phenomena of abuse at work. Author considers workplace bullying from the insiders perspective.

  • Workplace Bullying, Stress, Employment Law and You - Offers advice and resources on workplace bullying, harassment, employment law and industrial stress. Articles written by leading university professors on issues of discrimination and employment law. Message board forum on site.

  • Workplace Mobbing Australia - Workplace mobbing is a 'virus' or a 'cancer' that spreads through malicious hearsay, rumour, and gossip. It is done with deliberate intent to have those targeted 'eliminated' or 'forced out' of their employment. Accusations of unsubstantiated 'bullying' can even be made against the target as the perpetrators realise the benefits of claiming 'victim' status. Those targeted are falsely accused and are denied the right of reply or natural justice.

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Page Updated: Tuesday, 09 March 2010

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