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  • Acid-Base Balance: Introduction - Features the history, physiology and treatment of acid-base disturbances, information on the production of acid, understanding pH, clinical considerations and references.

  • Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine - Includes links to anesthesia principles, practices, journals and departments, as well as critical care and emergency medicine resources.

  • Critical Care Medicine Tutorials - Provides information on respiratory failure, shock, renal failure, sepsis and other body systems in a question/answer format. Includes clinical scenarios.

  • Critical Care Paramedic Protocols - Includes pre hospital medical protocols and standing orders. Site provided courtesy of Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP.

  • GASNet - Academic content for the Anesthesiology/Intensive Care community. Includes information on subjects such as airway management, pediatrics, hemodynamics, resuscitation, intracranial hypertension, acid-base balance, anesthesia.

  • Gloria's Critical Care Resources - A critical care web page with links to related sites such as cardiology, trauma and anesthesiology.

  • In-Hospital Defibrillation - Should non-critical care nurses perform defibrillation? This site has links to articles, letters and research.

  • IntensiveCare.Com - Has resources for practicing Evidence-Based Nursing and Medicine.

  • Johns Hopkins: Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care - Offers education and research related to pulmonary medicine. Site features clinical programs relating to various lung diseases and provides a definition, evaluation, treatment, research, and educational material for each.

  • Medical Algorithms Project - Contains more than 3,500 algorithms and 44 different chapters covering all major medical topics. Provides computation, formula, survey, or look-up tables, useful in health care with one chapter devoted to critical care.

  • Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient. - An educational review covering topics such as responses to stress and trauma, tissue oxygenation, cardiovascular system monitoring, respiratory, renal and the central nervous system.

  • Nepean Intensive Care - Includes some academic work of these ICU nurses, an image library, quiz page and controversy issues.

  • Nurse Bob's MICU/CCU Survival Guide - Offers a variety of resources including policies and procedures, synopses of systems and diseases, drugs, and drug calculation formulas.

  • Online Pulmonary Textbook - Reviews pulmonary anatomy, disease and tumors.

  • Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring - Describes the procedure for insertion of PA lines, interpretation of waveforms and values and the potential complications.

  • Pulmonary Embolus - A multimedia textbook with presentation, diagnosis via scan, CT and pulmonary angiography, with multiple case studies.

  • Pulse Oximetry - Describes how it works, calibration, and performance considerations.

  • Shock - Outline of the stages and types of shock.

  • The Critical Care Delivery Model Home Page - An information site about the development of a new Care Delivery Model

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